Of Monsters and Men

And we were off

We ran off to a lightly occupied tower. We ran through it. We got to the top floor of it. Brom through some large rubbage down the stairs and took out some fiends from it. After that a group of them came over part of the collapsed wall near the north side of the tower. As worgs and goblins overrun the tower Bo moves a heavy pillar over to stop the onslaught. The floor begins to shake and and crack and the pillar falls in where most the people fall into the hole. Brom goes to get out and Oscar reaches to help him up and asks Brom, “Do you know where the Duke’s daughter is?” Brom tells him, “I don’t know”. Oscar swings at Brom’s armor and cracks it. Brom pulls him down with him into the hole. Nel came by and saved us.


Monster jacebenson

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