Of Monsters and Men

Down the road

Bo is hurt real bad from the demon. The demon caused this. Brom is doing all he can to heal the wounds but he is only able to treat what he can see. He plans to hold on till morning to use the sun to try to heal him.

… Meanwhile Aedin is helping a knight, Glenn, he’s gathering things for him. He’s seen some orcs in the area. Grizzit is more active and things seem to looking up. The weather has been rainy, dark and cold. As the dawn gets in

Back to Brom and Bo. Brom has the circle set up and starts casting a spell to help. Brom has some wildflowers surrounding Bo. Cuthumb is looking at them in awe and the flowers start to become one like a large circle. There’s some energy in the air and its then that Bo opens his eyes but they are not like his own. They are all black. Bo kicks out with his leg while he’s speaking in an orcish tone. This breaks the circle of flowers. He get up, says, “RUN THEM DOWN! KILL THEM ALL!” Then he starts running into the woods.

…Aedin at this time cast this spell it was ‘cute’. He feels something extra, coming through the clearing near them. Leaves come up off the ground near him and they go from green to red in a moment. A torrent of wind is passing. Crashis starts to fill in to the form of Crashis. Aedin thought he’d hear a whisper and here he is. Crashis’s form grabs a stick and it forms a spear. He throws the spear to a bush and the bush trembles and falls. He’s saying something. It’s “Run, Run!”. A large figure is running towards the clearing from the other side of the clearing. Aedin steps back. The figure has large black tattoos and rips a branch off of a tree. Large man has a overlayed orc and the branch has an overlayed sword and is coming at Crashis. Aedin cuts the spell short and runs to the temple.

…Brom, Cuthumb, and Nel run after Bo. Bo’s yelling and screaming at this pile of flying leaves. We see another figure in the clearing stepping back. As Nel gets in the area and some things that look like arrows coming towards us but not at us. Bo grabs a pile of leaves with his hand presses it hard against the tree, then with his other hand uses his branch sword and swings it at the trunk. It breaks. The leaves all fall. Bo fall, he looks exhausted and falls to his knees. All the leaves fall. The figure in the distance sees us. We look at him like, “What just happened”.

Aedin approaches the fallen man. He asks towards us if he can help us. Bo’s tattoos are completely black. Bo tells him, “PLEASE, he was cursed by a demon.” Aedin feels the negative energy. Aedin says he needs more help then he can give here but he has a place. We get Bo on the back of Iron Tusk and walk up to the temple. There’s stones set up. Brom seems more calm. Nel is feeling like he’s having Deja vu. It seems like a holy place for the Knights of the North. We hear a waterfall in the distance. There’s an opening in hill. There’s some stones with some stones set up in a very particular way. It’s too small for Iron Tusk. It’s dimly lit in here, there’s some carvings into the walls and there’s a pool that seems very serine. Bo is lowered into the pool. Aedin pours water over him its as if he’s washing the negativity away.

The blackness starts to pool up into parts of the tattoos. Then it seeps around and the dark water seems to be surrounding Aedin. It looks like black oil. Brom starts to say some words in something I can’t understand. When he touches the water words the light gets darker in the pool. The blackness starts to congeal togehter and starts taking the form of a bat and starts to slop over the edge. Nel sees this evil black creature rising from the pool. Cuthumb starts at it with a sword. The thing starts flying towards Nel. Nel is hit with this thing and is flown back. For a moment there’s no tattoos on Bo. Aedin says we did it!

There’s some residue on Nel now from that bat. It is silky. Bo starts to wake up. He says, “Lissa and Serna are in trouble.” WIth that Aedin says, “I have a friend in need of help too.”

So right now we have Nel, the boar rider, knight of the north. Cuthumb, halfling ranger. Brom…, Bo, naked man. Degarius, NPC.

We ask where he went. Aedin tells us he was going North but he was being more secretive.

Aedin introduces himself as a Elfish wizard. We agree to start tracking Crashis. We pick up the trail, and lose it and find it a few times. We’ve made some progress but this Crashis has hidden his tracks much better then we’d thought. We find Lyssa’s tracks (thanks to Degarius’s cat) and then eventually find Crashes a bit later and he appears slain. There’s goblin and orc blood. He is in some red-amber armor. He must have died protecting someone.

We pay our respects and continue tracking who we thought he was protecting… Lyssa.
We track the group of orcs and goblins and catch up. There’s about 10 of them. Goblins start firing at us.

Battle ensues… Rabbit Jump Crazy Kick Kills


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