Of Monsters and Men

Protecting Rangwood

We returned to Rangewood where it is expected to be attacked late in the day.

Our party consists of

  • Cuthumb
  • Nel
  • Brom
  • Bo
  • Daggarius
  • Human (better fighter) Redshirt ? Male Chay Pine, good with a sword
  • Human (good fighter) Redshirt2 Female Caspy, least skilled out of the three
  • Elf (archer) Redshirt3 ? Male Pirin

Nel sent the Redshirts out on a scouting mission around Rangewood. Nel wants to know where the army is as opposed to just waiting to see what happens. Dauntless wants to send guys to the closest South Eastern town to get assistance from the empire. Nel wants to , Aradale to inform the Empire.

Nel is going to have the walls manned, set up a patrol, ensure the drawbridge is functioning.

Cuthumb hears the first hornblow and can see two humans. Pirin decided to leave his party and range some more on the group towards Hammerhold. The human rangers found out that Groth seperated and is leading an army to attack Rangwood, but the rest of the forces were headed to Hammerhold.


Monster jacebenson

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