Of Monsters and Men

Serna's sick

A big storm is passing through. Serna’s brother comes into town form their farm outside of town. He says the sister is really sick and they need a healer. He reaches out to Brom. Brom has been spending time with Old Village Healer. Sarna is acting crazy. Has a fever. We do not want to bring that back into the town. Blake looks really worried after Bo “The Bull” says to get him on a cart. The horse doesn’t want to get out there.

We travel there. Bromley (Brom) Oraman checks to see if he can heal her on site. he cannot. Bo “The Bull” carries Serna Hoot whose making all kinds of noises… Good thing she was wrapped /tied in furs. “We are being watched by some goblins” says Nel Tyworr.

We arrive in town some fires are still lit. We bring her to the Village healer. He says, “Something is not right, we will need some things” and starts boiling some water. Brom, and Bo go the market to get a few things. They get back but there were some things that Brom could not find.

She is being fed by the old healer. She sits up upbruptly. She says “Where am I?” The old man and says “You’re in my cabin you’ll be fine.” She says, “Who is in here with me?” She asks Bo “Who is this?”

Eventually Cuthumb finds out this is a new threat. She’s asking hard questions. The old man pokes her with a hot iron. She falls unconscience. Cuthumb look over her person for anything shiny. He finds a bear sized tooth and tells the group, “this is really hot”. As we are leaving the house we notice the storm is breaking.
Polar bear claw by lamelobo


Monster Monster

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