Of Monsters and Men

The aftermath

Cuthumb makes his way back to the main hall with Bo. Bo is covered with mud and is a huge mess. Nel is ahead of me and Bo getting into the hall. We see this wolf like lady barking orders at Nel to help her bring Brom down these steps inside the main hall.

Nel had come in with Irontusk who was impaled with a spear. WolfLady helps Nel by removing the spear and applies some healing salve to the wound. Nel then talks to a warrior dressed just like him. He sits a table and they talk.

Brom wakes up and gives WolfLady a hand.

Cuthumb goes and somehow calms a horse down and checks all the walls for injured militia. He brings in who he can but also notices there is a surrounding fog around the whole town. It is later day but it feels weird. The light is dim it’s as if the fog has entirely surrounded the town. He also notes there are no goblin or orc bodies. Not even at the South East gate where he knew there were some. He tells Nel and then gets a bite to eat at the hall and falls asleep on his plate of turkey and potatoes.

Brom had joined Cuthumb eating at the hall. He had fallen asleep and was dreaming. He remembers he was really high with Oxen, and WolfLady. They were doing a chant over a large cauldron. The Cauldron is frothing over. He can see this fog rolling out where is boiling and frothing. There’s lightning hitting the cauldron. They all keep chanting and then he wakes up. It must be early because most are still sleeping. Brom goes back to the tower and to the top level. He finds the cauldron, and he can see it’s charred. It looks like it’s been used for a very very long time. He doesn’t see Oxen anywhere. He stands in the spot he remembers it more vividly. Oxen no where to be seen. Brom looks out and sees fog all around the town. The sky is grey. Brom sees Nel getting out the sleeping quarters. Francis is walking around in a apron. Brom asks Francis if he’s seen Oxen at all. He hadn’t seen him. He was surprised not seeing him healing the wounded. Francis starts to make some breakfast.

Cuthumb wakes up and takes a bite out of his bread pillow.

Nel had fallen asleep too. He wakes up and the day is still odd. There’s a weird light. It’s like there’s a fog still over everything. Nel is checking out the town. He gets to where the combat had occurred. He sees a dead horse and nothing else. Nel can see the signs of the battle. He sees Stonehelm is tired, and needing to get some rest. Nothing suspicious occurred over the watch. People seem to think they saw figures in the fog but no one can be sure. Nel hasn’t seen Bo in a while. A militia offers to fix up Nel’s shield.

Brom and the WolfLady go back to the top level of the main hall, where they talk about what happened the night before. He tells her he remembers he helped cast some spell that made a fog. Oxen is the one that cast the spell and they helped him cast it. She fears the town was moved into the spirit world. She says the spell is going to wear to where it was. She is unsure if it goes back exactly when they left of if time passes when they get back.

Brom shares this with Nel and the group.

We all seem to remember that Bo is missing. Cuthumb looks for Bo and find him near the the South East gate. He is walking towards the fog. Cuthumb gets in front of him and gets his attention. Bo tells Cuthumb he saw Serna and Lyssa out in the fog. They walked through the town and into the fog. Bo and Cuthumb share this with the group. They need help he says. Brom says we can’t do anything until the fog clears. As he says that the clouds above the town start to clear. Light starts flashing. We must hurry. Grish says he shouldn’t be moved for another day or two.

Brom sees the caretaker of the cemetery. Brom see’s him dressed in his plate armor which is odd. He is walking up on the road and takes a left towards the fog and starts walking. Brom yells to him to stop. He doesn’t seem to hear him. Brom gets into a run and run towards him. Brom catches up to him 30 feet to the Fog. “Melka Melka Melka, you can’t go into the fog” Melka says, “My whole unit’s here, and this is where I belong.” Brom turns and looks and sure enough he sees a whole grouped dressed like that. Brom is at a loss of words and Melka walks into the fog.

Brom sees Samwell and Samwell tells him he has something to tell him. Brom says, “is it really you?” Samwell tells him, “The dark lord is here, and demons in places they shouldn’t be. Hammerhold will fall from within.” Brom asks him where had he gone. “Don’t go ranging alone”

At the keep, Cuthumb sees Degarius with a woman, it’s odd though her eyes look familiar. Degarius and the woman look at eachother and then the floor shakes and it goes dark.

Nel is with Iron tusk. Nel goes to see if there’s bodies in the town to assess if he’s back at the same time. He looks and listens, he doesn’t see or hear anything suspicious. Nel feels a wind which wasnt there the last few days. It’s a little chilly due to the night time.

Brom can see the damage to the town then to the woods. Nothing is coming towards the town but he does see a large body at the front gate. Brom lead those out of town back to the town.

Nel and Grish are trying to settle Irontusk down.

Cuthumb looks over and sees the cat again and Degarius is distraught. He hears as well as everyone else the sound of the empire.

We sleep the night and in the morning sure enough there’s an empire scouting unit come in to the town.

They are brought up to speed by Nel. They’d like to use Rangewood as a base of operations for a while. Cuthumb started laying low.


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