Of Monsters and Men

The army comes to town

Cylus has been running the town treating Nel like he’s the leader which is pissing off stonehelm.

Cylus expects the rangers to act as scouts for the army.

Bo see’s Brom and he’s as Oxen’s house. Something really jacked up Oxen. Brom is trying to help Oxen out.

It’s been 3 days.
Soldiers have moved into every building in the town. We wake up to the sound construction, trees are falling, walls are being hammered. Cylus has moved the command center into the central tower. One of the things Nel is concerned about Cylus trying to order around the rangers. Cylus’s second in command is a Phillip ?. He’s a hardass. He’s seen a lot. He tell’s Nel that the rangers need to scout the road going North 1/2 a day out and 1/2 day back. All the reports indicate that Levanne left the attack on Rangwood and went to Hammerhold.

Bo found some robes and his keeping out of sight, out of mind. He seems to know these soldiers or at least where they are from.

Cuthumb is tempted by some of the shiny weapons the soldiers bring in when they are coming in to rest and gamble.

Nel tracks down this Gilbert guy. His house is filled with books. As Nel approaches the door, Gilbert opens the door and pulls him in. Nel is told by Gilbert that he doesn’t like the army here. Gilbert would almost rather be under attack by the orcs. This is a common sentiment of the people of North due to the Empire leaving the people of the North. Nel tells him about defending the town. Nel tells Gilbert about him seeing his brother and this sanctuary to the North. Gilbert tells him it’s called Milgard. Gilbert wants to come with Nel to Milgard. He’s confident he can find it. Nel finds out it’s in the hill country. It’s built to be not found easily. It’s approx. two days travel. Nel tells someone from the Empire he needs a shield if they expect them to do this escort mission. Nel looks at the shield it has a empire symbol on it. It looks like a sun with a ring around it. Stonehelm sees Nel and starts laying into him about how Nel sold him out. Stonehelm cocks an eyebrow unsure what to believe. Stonehelm, takes Nel’s word on it and lightens up a bit. Stonehelm wishes Nel the best of luck.

Cuthumb is walking around during this. He’s been fortunate throwing the bones with some empire soldiers. It’s late morning he’s walking around with a cloaked man following him. There’s some other soldiers that have had their eye on Cuthumb. There’s some mistrust and preconception of Cuthumb. Cuthumb is grabbed and his glove is removed. There he is, we found him, branded a traitor they say. Bo is getting pissed. His hood comes back and takes a suckerpunch to the chin. He’s “seein’ red”. Bo looks back and see’s this big empire soldier. He says “I thought that was you.” Bo gives this guy a stare. He looks familiar but he can’t quite place it. He quips, “You can have a free shot bitch.” The soldier is delusional, trying to prove himself. The soldier has a bunch of rings on his right hand. The soldier swings at Bo and Bo blocks a punch and Bo is hit by the second punch but it looks like it did nothing. Bo coming in and gets in him an arm lock and is about to knee’d. However this soldier has something to prove and gets out of the arm lock. Bo is grabbing this soldier, and he’s going at it.

Meanwhile, Cuthumb tries to escape out of this grab but the soldier holds him stead and starts dragging him to the front of town.

Back at the fight, Bo and them are trading blows, and it seems the soldier is getting some solid hits on him. Bo can feel he has him close and he’s hurt. Bo has him in a hold the soldier is trying to get out of it.

Cuthumb tries to take his dagger and as he’s reaching, Cuthumb gets punch’d across the face. He’s feeling slapped around by a soldier.

Bo makes this guy cry for uncle.

Nel sees a soldier bringing a child up to the tower. He looks closer and notices that’s no child and sees Cuthumb. Bo isn’t far behind him and hits someone in the face and knocks someone out and people spread out around Bo as to not invoke this fight.

Nel stops the soldier and tells him that this person is needed for this mission. Nel tells him I am a night of north and the commander’s resolve falters. The soldier pushes Cuthumb to Nel and tells him he’s his responsibility. Cuthumb has a problem with Nel’s new shield. There’s some horses and IronTusk, he is still a little hurt, he could be ridden at this point.

Nel looks tracks down Degarius, Brom, and Gilbert. He lets us know we are going to go check on Serna. He also pulls a militia guy to come with us and head back to town to report.

There’s soldiers coming from the South road paying extra attention to Bo.

Nel is near the well. Irontusk is near the tower. A mob comes up towards Nel and tears off the Empire emblem. A matching force of Militia comes out axe drawn. Cylus comes out and is asking what’s going on? Cylus tells his men to stand down. Cylus tells Nel he wants to review whats going on over the next couple of days. Bo and Cuthumb head to the tavern, Two Hammers, to get a drink. Nel goes to the tower and Nel sees IronTusk scratching at his wound. Nel walks to IronTusk and gives him some attention and returns to Cylus. IronTusk looks well. IronTusk’s ears are flicking back and forth. He’s acting nervous. Nel tries to get some feel from IronTusk as to what might be bothering him. It seems IronTusk is ready to go. He’s uneasy about the something here. The soldiers, maybe, the commander, maybe. He’s giving Nel the signal to mount up and get out of town. At Two Hammers, Bo and Cuthumb arrive. There’s a middle aged widow who flirts with everyone. She’s gone right now as she left town before. Now there’s a cook from the empire army running the bar. Cuthumb notices a shield that isn’t marked in the tavern.

Back at the tower. Nel is talking with Cylus and they speak about how there’s some pent up energy. There’s a map Cylus pulls out. The map is faded and rough around the edges. He shows the clay bases with flags on them. He needs Nels help where Rangwood is. Nel corrects where the flag is. There’s a faded mark on the map where the temple is. This is a handdrawn map. Brom enters the room while they are talkin about the fight Nel and the rangers fought with the goblins. Brom tells Nel they need to talk. Brom and Nel goes off into a corner. Brom tells Nel that he believes one of the five demons is here. It’s not that Lavein, but one of the other ones. Nel says I am not sure who it’s emboding. Nel feels like it’s here for us. I don’t think the Dark Lord wants the nights of the North around anymore. Brom wants to get Oxen unless we want to leave him to die. Brom leaves, he asks where Bo and Cuthumb are. He tells him they went and got a drink. Nel finishes talking with Cylus. Cylus tells Nel, “We depending on the Rangers before, and we are depending on you guys again.” Nel says the North doesn’t need to be reminded about duty and then walks away.

Brom finds Cuthumb and Bo. We walked up to a wagon and get the cart and a pony and we get Oxen and some supplies. We got two militia guys, one from the town that vanished and one from this town.

It’s about mid-day and we head out and we look back at Rangwood. It looks pretty repaired, the gate that is. Brom remembers this was the last place he saw Melka.


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