Of Monsters and Men

The battle continues

The battle continues

The battle’s been going on, for ~ 90 minutes. Its been stop and go. Over the next 30 minutes we held our own. Brom left with the town healer. Bo is still on the South East wall. Cuthumb helped keep Bo stocked with arbalest bolts.

Cuthumb runs out to get some more bolts as he barely gets back before an bunch of orcs approach the South East wall. Cuthumb noticed the orc warlord Garruth. Bo tells Cuthumb to get help from the North West wall.

Cuthumb gets to the North West wall. He hears a loud crashing and whistling. Cuthumb gets around the building quick enough to see this boulder smashing out of a building with a rope trailing behind. He moves closer and gets a good look at the boulder, it has a smooth black surface and is cut at odd angles causing it to roll funny, it has a hole carved through the middle which is where the rope has been fed through and tied. The boulder rolls as if a magical force is pulling it back towards the forest, picking up speed as it goes. Cuthumb thinks it’s a good idea to grab the large rope. He grabs it and is pulled off of his feet and is dragged towards Nel and the North West entrance. Nel cuts the rope and the boulder continues. Cuthumb tells Nel we need men at the South West entrance, it’s being attacked and won’t hold for long.

Nel grabs a groups of mounted militia and heads through town to the South entrance. With the South entrance coming into view an ambush is sprung with a rope being pulled up across the road. Two of the mounted militia hit the rope and are thrown from their horses. Goblins run into the road to attack while a goblin on the roof fires arrows down onto the group. Cuthumb jumps from the back of Irontusk and Nel spurs Irontusk forward attempting to save the fallen militia men. The battle is over quickly ending with Cuthumb sending the goblin archer to the dirt with a well placed thrown spear. Nel stops to survey the damage, 6 dead goblins lay in the street along side 2 dead militia men and one of the town horses with another militia injured. Nel curses the Dark Lord and wheels Irontusk back in the direction of the South gate, Cuthumb jumping behind him as the boar starts to run.
By the time we got to the South East Entrance it was all but destroyed. Cuthumb starts looking for Bo in the rubble getting help from several near by survivors. Nel looks over the scene trying to devise a plan for how to defend the area and sees goblins and orcs climbing into Rangewood just North of the fallen gate. He yells to the men around him to charge the enemy and he and Irontusk take the vangard with a battle cry. “Charge!”
Garruth stands in the center of the attacking goblins and lets out a warcry of his own, charging the defenders down the dark street. Before Nel is able to engage, Garruth throws his spear and it hits Irontusk squarely in the shoulder with a meaty chunk. It’s legs buckle and it lets out a cry as it slids in the dirt. Nel is able to keep from being thrown but doesn’t have time to care for Irontusk as the enemy is on top of them. He jumps in front of Irontusk and thrusts his spear at Garruth, trying to make him pay but the Orc warlord is too fast and dodges to the side swinging his heavy blade down on Nel. Nel is able to get his shield up just in time and the orc blade splits the shield down to Nel’s arm. Garruth uses his sword stuck in the shield to hold Nel’s arm out while getting close in and grabbing Nel’s throat with his free hand. “Time to die Night of the North” Garruth yells as he digs his claws into Nel’s neck then throws him over his dieing boar.

Cuthumb finds Bo’s hand in the rubble and directs the men to help him pull the wreckage off of his friend. He is able to move a board uncovering Bo’s tatooed face. Bo looks up at the smiling halfling just in time to see him get pulled up into the air. The attacking giant swings Cuthumb by the back of his shirt swinging him from side to side knocking the men helping dig out Bo out of the way. The giant than flips Cuthumb in the air trying to grab him by his legs but the halfling is too quick and kicks himself free landing with a crunch on the rubble. Bo sees the giant reach down for the little guy again and pushes with a roar. He jumps free, grabs the giants out streched arm and pushes with everything he has and they both tumble into the moat outside the broken wall.

Nel lay gasping for air, his head in a in a fog. He knew he needed to get up or the goblins would be on him but his body wouldn’t respond. Then he heard his brother’s voice “Little brother, must I always save you?” Nel caught a glimpes of him as he turned and waded into the goblins with blade flashing. His brothers voice replaced with the cries of goblins being cut down. “No!” he yelled and forced his legs to get him back in the fight, he rose behind IronTusk. As his vision cleared he realized that it was Daggarias and not his brother that attacked the goblins and Irontusk had gotten up and was defending him thrashing his head back and forth to keep Garruth and the goblins away from him. Blood foamed at his mouth and Nel could hear him struggle to breath but the giant boar fought on to protect it’s master. Nel took his spear in both hands now that his shield was broken and jumped past Irontusk at Garruth. He thrust parried and thrust again sending the orc backwards into a wooden fence. There was a pause in the action, lightning flashed as Garruth lifted his hand to wipe blood from his cheek. The sight of the wound infuriated him and he lunged towards Nel trying to end the fight. The two engaged in a frenzied melee in the middle of the street with more flashes of lightning. Each trying to get the advantage, each fighting to kill the other. A deep fog quickly settled on the battlefield. Nel attacked forward but Garruth was gone.

Bo finally got the advantage on the giant, he was covered in muck and blood from grappling in the muddy moat but he was finally in position to win when the fog settled over him and he felt the giant slip through his grasp. “Magic” he growled under his breath.

The group were able to find each other and they made their way to the keep in the center of town where Cuthumb had last seen Brom. They needed to heal and find out what happened.


Monster Monster

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