Of Monsters and Men

We're back!

Lyssa had recruited the White Cosairs to bring us all to the Island.

We were able to catch a ship with the white cosairs. Bo was able to rally the rowers. We were able escape their clutches. A couple of days later we arrive at Giant’s Tomb Island. We make landfall. We see our ship heading out a day later.

We find our way to Castle Dessa for the Knights of the North.

WE approach this castle, and we see two Knights of the North (unarmed) exit some large doors and kneels down to address Aiden. (Not Nel!)

Tonic is recognized by Aiden as one of the senior Knights.

We come in the castle, there’s a high skylight into the ceiling. It’s old dwarven architecture. They show Nel the lower level where they expect him to put Irontusk.


Nel is now a Knight of the North!


Monster jacebenson

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