• Aèdin


    Half-Elven Druid of the North
  • Bo "The Bull"

    Bo "The Bull"

    Bo is the Fire Ring Champion, and on the run
  • Bromley (Brom) Oraman

    Bromley (Brom) Oraman

    Brom is a skinny quite boy of age 16 with mousy brown hair and brown eyes. Height 5'6" Weight 135 ibs. Very common looking.
  • Cuthumb Weasel

    Cuthumb Weasel

    Halfling scout loyal to his family, branded for insubordination by the Empire
  • Nel Tyworr

    Nel Tyworr

    Knight of the North
  • Andrea Nivens

    Andrea Nivens

    Agent from Hammerhold
  • Arik Galant

    Arik Galant

    Knight of the North
  • Caprice Longley

    Caprice Longley

    Mayor of Rangewood
  • Cassey


    Pretty barmaid at the Rusty Anchor in the town of Barbara
  • Colran Holt

    Colran Holt

    Colran is the heir to Hammerhold.
  • Cyrus Nico

    Cyrus Nico

    Wizard of the Order of the Silver Philosophers
  • Daggarius


    Ranger from the North
  • Duke Florain Holt

    Duke Florain Holt

    The Duke of Hammerhold
  • Frito Adams

    Frito Adams

    Halfling veteran and Boyer
  • Gilbert


    Gilbert is the area record keeper. Following the war and the demise of the Knights of the north Gilbert became somewhat of an outcast. He is more of a hermit that many of the town members view as crazy. From time to time Gilbert will assist with useful kn
  • Gordir Stonehelm

    Gordir Stonehelm

    Leader of the Rangewook militia
  • Grauth


    Orc Warlord
  • Grish


    Grish is a wold wildling shaman
  • Grizzat' Uhl

    Grizzat' Uhl

    Orc Raider and follower of the Dark Lord
  • Horus


    Scout assigned to Rangewood
  • Ilona Andard

    Ilona Andard

    Master Warden of the Wardens of Wintermarch.
  • Jana


    Scarred, white streak in her hair, touched by the forest
  • Kevlamin Dauntless

    Kevlamin Dauntless

    Elf leader of the Rangers
  • Leo Cotcher

    Leo Cotcher

    Old bald sailor from The Silver Boar
  • Lyssa


    New Scout from the Northern Coast
  • Melka Ibraham

    Melka Ibraham

    An old veteran of the war that tends to the grave yard at Rangewood.
  • Oxon Thorne

    Oxon Thorne

    Village healer
  • Peter Smudgeboot

    Peter Smudgeboot

    A bard looking for to reinvent herself. Wants to be a artisan making armor
  • Serna Hoot

    Serna Hoot

    Little curious girl from Rangewood
  • Stemp


    Ex pit fighter trainer from the south...during war moved north to train soldiers.
  • Tylok Banner

    Tylok Banner

    One of Colran's strong arms.