Half-Elven Druid of the North


Aèdin’s Table

Aèdin is lithe and athletic. He has shoulder length brown hair and almond shaped brown eyes. His face is the perfect blend of the best features form both Man and Elf. This androgynous beauty attracts the attention of both men and women alike, and when it does it makes him very uncomfortable.

The markings he bears on his cheek and forehead signify his devotion to druidic magics and marked his rank as one of the Knights of the North.


Aèdin is about 120 years old.

He learned young that many people wish to posess him for his beauty, but true love eludes him. He fears his beauty is a curse that will never allow him to find true love.

He fought against the dark lord’s forces most of his life. His efforts earned him the enmity of an Orc chieftain named Grizzat’Uhl.

Aèdin was present at the battle 10 years ago where the Knights of the North fell. So was Grizzat’Uhl. Aèdin was scattered after the battle, living alone in the wild and taking revenge on his enemy when the opportunity presented itself.

A few years later he found and was invited into the temple. He currently serves there, but fears that his presence will bring Grizzat’Uhl and his warriors down on the temple.


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