Cuthumb Weasel

Halfling scout loyal to his family, branded for insubordination by the Empire


First phase. Early life.

Carl grew up with his parents, Krisnda and Belroar. They were fishmongers until the war. So then the war started and Carl was old enough, 17 years of age, to get recruited into Empire for service. Carl and his father were recruited together. They were assigned do scout work like running messages back and forth from the front to the generals.

The day the empire decided Carl was a traitor happened early in the morning. The Empire ordered Carl to return with his assigned group and his papa to head into an area overrun with the enemy(elaborate here jace). Carl Started to head south with his group, but then his Companions discussed how they were leaving those up North to die. At that moment, Carl left heading North to get his Father out. He Found his father injured. Together they returned to city.

Second phase. The trial and branding.

Tried for insubordnation, branded on the hand. Left the empire. Became a scout… (elaborate here jace)

Third phase. Saving Bo and Serena

Cuthumb rides with Nel to find Serna. We approach a group of goblins…

*normal fixture with the tabard
*big personality
*big hit with the kids
Come up with a NPC I know well.
Come up with my equipment.
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Cuthumb Weasel

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