Ex pit fighter trainer from the south...during war moved north to train soldiers.


Stemp has been training fighters for years…lost an arm during the war…now trains fighters part time in Rangewood, just not enough people in the area for a full time job. He is one of those big guys, who look kinda fat, but is sold mussel underneath. He is a good unarmed combat fighter, and master with swords! Of corse, his ability has been limited with the loss of the arm, but he is still deceptively deadly!

Because of his past, training pit fighters in the south, he knows all about Bo, and who he is…he keeps up on the Fire Ring circuit through old contacts. He has tried to get Bo to help him spar with his current students. Bo has not wanted to do this…he is worried that if he starts fighting, he may not be able to hold back, and really hurt someone.



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