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Aèdin is a Half-Elf Druid and formerly associated with the Knights of the North

Refresh, Stress Tracks & Consequences

Refresh = 1 (6 Total)
Fate Points = 2

Stress Tracks
Physical OOO
Composure OXOO


  • Minor: Brow Beat
  • Major: None
  • Severe: None
  • Extreme: None


  • Half-Elven Druid of the North (high concept)
  • Hunted by The Dark One (trouble)
  • Forest-Friend (Elf)
  • Long-Lived (Elf)
  • Beautiful Beyond Words
  • Bound to the Living Forest (Mystic Trouble)
    • Druidic Magic requires the caster to be in physical contact with the natural world. Metal and stone disrupts this connection and makes it difficult for a druid to draw upon the powers of nature.
      • Invoke: The character can draw on strong and/or ancient aspects to power his magic (such as an ancient grove)
      • Compel: If the character is in a town or city with large amounts of stone and/or metal, the GM can compel this against him.

Stunts & Powers

Stunt Text Page
Power of Nature (Nature) You can control and move woodland and plants, and speak with tree and plant spirits. This includes causing plants and trees to attack foes, blocking movement using rapidly growing plants, warping and destroying wooden objects and structures, making flowers bloom out of season, and controlling or creating plant creatures. While it can cause seeds and plants to grow quickly, it can’t create plant life from nothing; many users carry a variety of seeds. The power also allows the caster to bestow aspects such as “Strong as an oak”, “Covered in leaves”, or “Only needs water and sunshine”. 133
Power of Life (Life) This power represents the powers of healing, the preserve of wise women, monks, nuns, and angelic beings and healing spirits. It may be White Magic, or associated with a temple of a healing deity. It heals both Physical and Composure stress and consequences.
Healing attempts can only be made on a given wound or consequence once; if it doesn’t succeed, no further attempts by the same power user have any effect, although another power user may try.
Power of Creatures (Creatures:Woodland) This power gives you command over the animal world. You must specify the creature type affected, ie “Wolf Power, “Lion Magic”, etc. The power refers to “natural” (ie nonsummoned, non-other planar) non-intelligent creatures (so could include dire wolves, giant centipedes, etc).
By default the power refers to a single creature only, but some power users command entire classes of beasts – “All the creatures of the sea”, for example. Characters must take a corresponding aspect specifying the creatures affected, such as “Birdmaster”, “Master of all
crawling things”, and so on.
Elven Lore (Elf) You’ve been around for a long time, and get a +1 bonus to knowledge skill checks involving really old stuff (legends, artifacts, history – maybe you were even there when it happened!). 30
Enemy of the Dark Lord (Elf) You’re a sworn enemy of goblinkind and the forces of evil. You get a +2 bonus to resist evil magical influences. 30


Skill Ability Trappings Page
Nature Great +4 – Entangle
– Herbalism
– Speak with Plants
– Plant Growth
– Control Plant
– Bless Livestock/land/Plants
Resolve Great +4 None 103
Survival Good +3 – Riding
– Animal Handling
– Breaking in Animals
– Camoflague
– Scavenging
Alertness Good +3 – Avoiding Surprise
– Confusing Situations
Athletics Good +3 – Dodging
– Sprinting
– Swimming
– Jumping
– Climbing
– Falling
Creatures (Woodland) Fair +2 – Beseech Creature
– Speak to Creature
– Keep at Bay
– Beast Power
– Beast Curse
Melee Weapons Fair +2 None 96
Life Avg +2 – Minor Healing
– Relieve Pain
– Arrest Disease/Poison/Curse
– Invigorate
– Protection from Decay
Stealth Avg +1 – Hiding
– Skulking
– Ambush
Academics Avg +1 – Research
– Exposition and Knowledge Dumping
– Declaring Minor Details
– Languages:
Common (native), Elven
– The Truth
Investigation Avg +1 – Finding Hidden Things
– Declarations
Endurance Avg +1 None 85


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