Bo is the Fire Ring Champion, and on the run


  • Fire Ring Champion (high concept)
  • Sucker for a pretty face (trouble)
  • Tough as nails
  • Always throw the first punch
  • The Living Tattoo

Stress Boxes = 6
Refresh = 1

Stresses Value Total
Fate Pts


Stunt Text Page
Thick Skinned(Endurance) This character doesn’t feel pain, and absorbs more punishment than others. You get one more Physical stress box above those granted by your Endurance bonus, eg with Superb (+5) Endurance you’d have nine Physical stress boxes. 87
Feel the Burn(Endurance) The character can push through incredible pain to reach his goal. You can take one extra Major Physical consequence (see page 161), allowing you to take a total of four consequences in a physical conflict before being taken out. 86
Bounce Back(Endurance) The character heals faster than usual, reducing the severity of consequences resulting from physical injury. Reduce the amount of time to recover from a given consequence by two steps on the Time Increments Table (page 178): Minor physical consequences are removed between scenes even if there’s no “break” between them; Major consequences take about an hour of rest instead of six; Severe consequences reduce from a few weeks to a few days; and Extreme consequences are removed in a few weeks. 86
Oversized (but from tattoo’s) The character is much larger than normal characters (but still scale 2) and gains a +2 Intimidation bonus and +1 Physical stress. They incur a -2 Rapport penalty. For creatures larger than scale 2, see Chapter Thirteen: Creatures Great and Small. 120


Skill Ability Trappings Page
Might Great +4 *Fighting People
*Lifting Things
*Pitching In
Wrestling Great +4 99
Endurance Good +3 85
Intimidation Good +3 *Threat of Violence
*Brush Off
Resolve Fair +2 103
Athletics Fair +2 73
Alertness Fair +2 66
Melee Weapons Fair +2 96
Stealth Avg +1 109
Empathy Avg +1 84
Deceit Avg +1 80
Survival Avg +1 111
Contacting Avg +1 77


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