Bromley (Brom) Oraman

Brom is a skinny quite boy of age 16 with mousy brown hair and brown eyes. Height 5’6" Weight 135 ibs. Very common looking.

Bromley (Brom) Oraman
Author: EricIrwin
PC in: Of Monsters and Men
Game System: Fate RPG


  • Castle Trained Healer Apprentice Scout (high concept)
  • “Hidden peasant/thieving past” missing 2 fingers on left hand whip marks on back (trouble)
  • Hawkeye
  • Friends in Low Places
  • Something To Prove in Memory of Samwell

Stress Boxes

Physical = 3
Mental = 3
Refresh = 2

Stresses Value Total
Fate Pts


Stunt Text Page
Healer (Science) “The character has a talent for helping the wounded recover from their ills. You gain a +2 bonus to Science whenproviding first aid or healing.” p.108
Physicker (Science) “The character is talented at treating wounds in the field. With this stunt, you can clear a stress box for every shift generated by the Science roll (rather than one box per
two shifts after the first). If the shifts exceed the target’s Physical stress capacity (ie 6 or more shifts for a character with Mediocre (+0) Endurance), you may also remove a Minor Physical consequence.”
Poison Craft With a single drop damaging +2 “The character has a knack for brewing poisons, gaining a +1 Science bonus. Also, you may pick one poison category (damaging or exotic) when taking this stunt, in which you get a total +2 Science bonus.” p.108
Due North (Survival) “The character’s natural navigational talent means he rarely gets lost, and always knows which way north is, even underground, without a compass or stars to guide him. Whenever trying to orient yourself using Survival, you gain a +2 bonus and face no familiarity penalties, even in unknown locations.” ?
Danger Sense (Alertness) “The character maintains a quick and easy awareness of ambushes and other nasty surprises – perhaps preternaturally, perhaps due to finely-tuned senses. Whenever ambushed (see page 110), the character can make a full defence for a +2 on his defence roll, regardless
of whether he’s surprised. If he is surprised, this stunt takes his base defence up to Fair (instead of Mediocre).”


Skill Ability Trappings Page
Science Great +4 107
Survival Good +3
Alertness Good +3 66
Resources Fair +2
Stealth Fair +2
Slight of Hand Fair +2
Ranged Weapons Fair +2
Athletics Avg +1
Melee Weapons Avg +1 96
Investigation Avg +1
Endurance Avg +1 85
Resolve Avg +1

Armor Split minor conc
1 stress box

Item Range Bonus Weight Complimentary Skill Page
Light Armor -0 15 lbs 48
Dagger +1 1 lbs Athletics 49
Short sword +2 3 lbs Athletics 49
Spear 1 +2 5 lbs 50
Backpack 2 lbs 52
Waterskin 1 lbs 52
Normal clothing 2 lbs 52
Winter gear (cloak and boots) 2 lbs 52
Healing Kit
Long Bow 3 +2 4 lbs
Grappling Hook And Rope
Knockout Poison 6 doses +4, +0
Lockpick kit
Healing potions


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