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Cuthumb is a Halfling scout loyal to his family, branded for insubordination by the Empire

Refresh, Stress Tracks & Consequences

Refresh = 3 / 3
Fate Points = 1 / 3

Stress Tracks
Physical OO
Composure OOOO


  • Minor: Banged up!
  • Major: None
  • Severe: None
  • Extreme: None


  • Loyal halfling scout (high concept)
  • Branded a traitor by the Empire (trouble)
  • His mouth should be in a circus (relates to Rapport skill)
  • Oh that’s shiny (relates to sticky fingers stunt) / Curios little bastard
  • Degarius’s Gift (kick-ass magic daggers x3)

Stunts & Powers

Stunt Text Page
Sticky fingers stunt Once per scene, you can spend a Fate point to declare you have a specific item belonging to another person in your possession, so long as that person isn’t currently using it and you had a reasonable chance to acquire it since it was last used. It must be something small enough to be carried around (so no pulling out a suit of plate mail). You also get a +1 Sleight of Hand bonus to palm objects. 31
Small The character is unusually small (but still scale 2) and can fit in tight spaces, receiving a +1 Stealth bonus. The character incurs a -1 Intimidation penalty due to his diminutive size. 120
Feel the Burn (Endurance) The character can push through incredible pain to reach his goal. You can take one extra Major Physical consequence (see page 161), allowing you to take a total of four consequences in a physical conflict before being taken out. 86
Combat dodge The character gains +1 defense bonus on combat when using Athletics to defend 74


Skill Ability Trappings Page
Rapport Great +4
* First Impressions
* Closing Down
* Opening Up
Resolve Great +4 103
Empathy Good +3
*Reading People
Ranged Weapons Good +3 101
Melee Weapons Good +3 96
Stealth Fair +2 109
Athletics Fair +2 73
Endurance Fair +2 85
Survival Avg +1 85
Art Avg +1 67
Contacting Avg +1 77
Alertness Avg +1 85
Sleight of Hand Avg +1 108
Item Range Bonus Weight Complimentary Skill Page
Light Armor -0 15 lbs 48
Dagger +1 1 lbs Athletics 49
Short sword +2 3 lbs Athletics 49
Javelin (0) 1 +1 2 lbs Ranged Weapons ?
Backpack 2 lbs 52
Waterskin 1 lbs 52
Normal clothing 2 lbs 52
Winter gear (cloak and boots) 2 lbs 52
Dagger holder

Cuthumb Table

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