Nel Tyworr
Author: dirwin06
PC in: Of Monsters and Men
Game System: Fate RPG


  • Knight of the North (High Concept)
  • Chasing his brothers ghost (Trouble)
  • Death to Orcs and Goblins
  • Kin to Iron Tusk
  • Spear fighting is in my blood

1 fate points
Stress: ( ) ( ) ( )

Stresses Value Total
Fate Pts
Stunt Text Page
Animal companion The character has a close companion from the animal kingdom. Animal companions have four advances (see page 165), but operate only with a “physical” scope, and must spend at least two advances on “Skilled” or “Quality”; “Skilled” advances must take Athletics, Fists, Might, Stealth or Survival, although you may take one other skill, within reason, based on animal type. For example, a raccoon might have Sleight of Hand; a lion might have Intimidation (this is unsubtle, and not considered a violation of the physical scope).

You may ride the creature as a mount at a +1 Survival bonus if it’s the appropriate size, and may use its Athletics skill instead of Survival. Athletics is also used to speed up when the rider is too busy to “steer” the animal himself.

(pg. 112)
weapon specialist (spear +2 damage) Requires Military Training occupation stunt or similar aspect The character receives a +2 damage bonus to one type of weapon. (pg. 97)
shield training The character has trained extensively with shields. This stunt is required to be able to use shields properly.

First, the stunt allows your shield to give you a defence bonus instead of an armour bonus, and to accept a Minor or Major consequence for you (like armour). Second, when taking a full defence or block action, your shield acts as an aspect. Third, if you obtain spin on a Melee Weapons attack when fighting an opponent with a shield, his shield doesn’t benefit him at all, including any benefits he might normally gain from this stunt.

(pg. 98)
Skill Ability Trappings Page
Survival great +4 (pg.111)
Melee Weapons good +3 (pg.96)
Athletics good +3 (pg.73)
Ranged Weapons fair +2 (pg.101)
Endurance fair +2 (pg.85)
Alertness fair +2 (pg.66)
Resolve fair +2 (pg.103)
Might avg +1 (pg.98)
Fists avg +1 (pg.87)
Investigation avg +1 (pg.91)
Leadership avg +1 (pg.93)
Rapport avg +1 (pg.102)
Item Range Bonus Weight Complimentary Skill Page
Spear (2/3) (4/5 Weapon specialist)
Scimitar (3)
War Shield (-1)
Medium armor (-1)
Composite Bow (3)
Quiver (19 arrows)

Iron Tusk

7 Stress ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )
3 Consequence – Healed by Brom

Skill Ability Trappings Page
Endurance good +3 (pg.85)
Tusks fair +2 (pg.87)
Athletics fair +2 (pg.73)
Might Avg +1 (pg.98)
Survival Avg +1 (pg.111)
Advances Text Page
Communication The companion can communicate with its patron in the strangest ways – magical mirrors, secret demonic servitors, trained animals, etc. It’s not guaranteed, and without an aspect invested in the companion, a player won’t get compensated when the Story Teller decides to cut the communication short; but Story Tellers should think twice before cutting a companion with this advance off from his patron during play. 166
summonable No matter where you are you can summon your ally to you. This normally takes at least one minute, but you may spend a Fate point to do so in a single exchange. A summoned companion lasts for one scene, and vanishes or leaves if the summoning character is taken out. They may be re-summoned in a later scene if needed again. This advance may only be taken once. Some Summonable companions are normal, non-magical characters who you can just call to your aid; others are literally summoned by magic. See “A Note on Summoning” on page 121, and Chapter Twenty-Six: Bestiary for example summoned creatures. 167
2 quality Improve a companion’s quality by one (Average to Fair, Fair to Good, etc). This advance may be taken several times up to a maximum quality one step below the patron’s peak skill. 166
skilled Each time this advance is taken the companion gets an additional skill column: however, each new column is one rank lower than the last. For example, a Good quality companion with the skilled advance has 1 Good, 2 Fair, 2 Average skills; another skilled advance adds only 1 Average skill. 167
Consequences +2 The companion can take an additional consequence, giving it two in total. The advance may be taken a second time for three total consequences. 166
Stunt Text Page
Oversized (pg. 120)


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