Stealth (pg.109)
Stealth is the ability to remain unseen and unheard. Opposed by Alertness or Investigation, it covers everything from skulking in the shadows to hiding behind a door. Characters with high Stealth include burglars, assassins,
lurking monsters, and sneaky children.

Stealth depends on conditions: if someone’s actively watching you, there’s no way you can hide or skulk. Also, Stealth is affected by the environment, different conditions affecting a character’s Stealth roll accordingly.

Environment Modifier to Stealth roll
Pitch black, no visibility +4
Darkness, smoke, thick fog, no clear line of sight +2
Noisy distractions +1
Dim lighting, cluttered line of sight, moderate noise +0
Complete silence -1
Good lighting, clear line of sight -2
Bright lighting, clear area -4

If you’re not certain how to handle something, treat it as a half step. For example, if a thief is hiding in the dark (+2) from guards holding torches, reduce the bonus
to +1.

Stealth is usually a quick contest between Stealth and Alertness, though anyone “on alert” gets a +2 Alertness bonus as if making a full defense. Investigation doesn’t usually apply because there’s no active searching. Simply being on guard doesn’t equate to being “on alert” – heightened alert must have a reason, and can only be sustained for so long before boredom sets in.


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