Of Monsters and Men

And then they came

All rangers have a unique horn to call other rangers. Rangers can generally tell whose horn is whose just from the sound made. Nel has a boar horn. Jace has a goat horn that twirls a few times. Eric is hard to define, it’s long and spiral with a distinct sound when blown.

We are in the field. With two nes scouts, Horus and Lyssa. Horus is very capable but hard to control. He is like a teenager because he acts like he knows everything. He listens to Nel. Lissa asks for help. She’s nice but out of her element.

(two weeks in the future) Nel, Brom, and Lissa are in a log (Sir Rodney Sine’s cabin) cabin ranch and hear Cuthumb’s horn. Brom brought along a kid from the town as his apprentice. He’s got a single mom whose a slug. This kid comes around, he’s ~10 years old and is named Wyatt. Brom thought it was a good idea at the time. He doesn’t think thats a good idea anymore. Nel hears the bleep of Cuthumb’s horn. Normally that means the rangers are coming back. Nel steps out on to the porch. He sees some buildings. Nel hears it bleep again. That means he needs assistance. Nel has Iron Tusk tied up to a tree. There’s some dogs started to bark near by in their kennels. Iron tusk starts to get jittery. Nel then hears the third bleep. That means the enemy is coming. That means theres going to be a fight. Cuthumb is out ranging and has found trouble. Horus comes running around and says, “Trouble?”. David says, “Yea, get ready”. Nel knows other didn’t hear all the horn blows. Based on Iron tusk he’s sure there was three bleeps. They all head out to the noise when they hear the 4th horn blow. That means, that Cuthumb is in trouble. Nel runs out and leads the charge on Iron Tusk.

(present) A week ago that big storm came through and Serna was possessed. We don’t know who talked to who, but the whole town is talking about the dark lord is coming. There’s a town militia trying to bolster the defenses. There’s a dwarf, Copperbeard who is super serious. He’s trying to get things ready, to bolster the town defenses. This town has a lot of travellers that come in and out. There’s more people leaving then coming. Some new families start to leave with the caravans. People are deciding this isn’t the place to stay. There’s also reports of more goblin activity and things like that. That’s when David gets summoned by kevin mcdublin. There’s a ranger that came to town and met with david at this waterfall. It’s a ways out there. … The elf with the eye thing brings David in. “”/campaigns/of-monsters-and-men/characters/nel-tyworr" class=“wiki-content-link”>Nel, I’ve been expecting you." he says. He doesn’t look right at David/Nel. He tells him that, “There are clouds over the skies in the north. There’s a new adversary in the woods. I’ve heard report from Rangewood that people are worried.” He tells David that he will take in these two rangers. Lyssa, and Horus. Look out for Lyssa, her father has sent her much like Brom’s friend Samwell. Horus is able bodied and can take care of himself. He is from the west but has been brought in to help. Evaluate Horus to let the elf know when he’s ready. Nel just repeats the order back “Protect Lyssa, evaluate Horus.”

As Nel tavel’s back to rangewood. Nel sees his brother’s ghost and tells him, "The dark lord came for me. Now he is coming to you too.

Brom is hanging out with the old man healer and this kid. Brom is preparing for something herbs and stuff like that.

Jace is meeting this bard at the bar talking about the war.

David is talking to Gilbert about something important. Gilbert seems more rattled than normal. David can’t seem to get a striaght answer out of him while he’s packing his stuff up. Not sure if he’s leaving to fight or leaving to get away. He’s talking about the dark lord forces and how the town wall won’t hold.

A couple of days after Nel returns to town. The two new Scouts come into town and Bo notices the lady. Bo can tell she is not comfortable in the ranger outfit. She can’t shoot a bow. She can shoot a crossbow but is awkward. She’s confidant who she is. She can be in a position that is dominated by men. She’s a confident strong woman whose kinda out of place, not in her element. Just like Bo. She’s noticed Bo too.

Meanwhile, Eric is working with this kid in the town, Wyatt. Another week goes by. It’s pretty much more of the same. Eric gets some potions. Bo is approached by Copperbeard to join the Militia. It’s quite a funny scene as Bo is twice the hight of the dwarf. Copperbeard says, “You should be on the Militia”. He shows Bo this large arrow system that needs to crank back these arrows to shoot out.

Jace finds some symbols. A circle with x through it. They are hanging in trees. I tell Nel about this. and he points out i took one with me. WE get the impression the goblin scouts are scoping us out.

A ranger goes to Nel and tells him to take his strength rangers to white oak ruins because we believe there are forces amassing there. The ruins are about a day and a half away. A day if you push it. Eliminate scouts found on the way. There’s a ranch near ruins that we can stay at the family that lives there is a friend of the Rangers, Rodney Siem and his daughters. He put’s rangers up there often. So we head out.

We are thinking who might be behind this. We are all going, Bo, Lyssa, Cuthumb, Nel, Brom, Horus, and Wyatt. Nel leads the way. The newbies are also called greenhorns. We know the way. Nel forages some food with Horus and we stop for lunch by a stream. We make the way there it looks like it might rain. It’s kind of hilly here. We get to the ranch. There’s a lot of white oak trees here which is where the name is from. The owner has big dogs for defense. The owner is Rodney Siem. He has two daughters. His wife passed away two years ago. Maya and Maddie. They are 18-19 years old. They are both very capable. They would probably be rangers if it weren’t for their dad. Nel tells us, “Keep Bo away from the girls.” Bo says, “aint my fault they wear daisy dukes.” We’ve been here before at least once, some of us more than others. Rodney’s got a bunch of out-buildings and a garden. It’s not a farm but more like a small ranch. These dogs are good gaurd dogs, they would make great war dogs. He has about twenty of them. He lets them out to get the goblins now and then. Rodney meets us outside. The two girls are sizing up the new rangers. Rodney doesn’t treat Cuthumb the same, he suspects it’s due to the branded by the traitor thing. Cuthumb goes out ranging as he doesnt feel welcome.

… jumps to the start… after the three horns blow.
Rodney jumps up, he says things have been heating up. Maya has two hatchets that she carries. Maddie has a short sword and a bow. They can never be too prepared. That’s what their dad says. Nel is the first one out of the door. Brom tells Wyatt to hide in the room. Brom gets out and jumps on a horse. Brom and Nel charge out there to Cuthumbs horn blows. Rodney tells Maya, get the hounds. Maddie get in the barn on the loft and shoot anything out there. All the building are downhill from the cabin. The terrain is thick and wooded. It’s night now. There is a moon so you can see somewhat. Brom is on his horse and approach’s Nel mounting Iron Tusk. Brom’s horse is a fast horse a ranger’s horse. They are discussing who should go and get going. Nel thinks Cuthumb is 300 yards down the hill. Nel says, “Alright we gotta roll.” Bo comes out of the house with Lyssa, and Rodney is outside, his two daughters running in different directions. Horus comes by and runs past Bo with his wolf. They charge off into the darkness. Horus looks like he’s chasing after Nel and Brom. Bo is on the porch with Rodney as one of the girls exchanges looks with her. Rodney says, “Lets go grab the dogs.” Bo and Lyssa follow.

Cuthumb is walking around kicking the dirt thinking about Rodney. He heard a thump and then another thump. An arrow goes whipping by his head. Once I’m in the mode they see me. Cuthumb hears something big. He blows his horn. He runs up hill back towards the cabin. He is running hard. He blows the horn again (2nd time). He continues to distance himself. He blows his goat horn a third time. Cuthumb hears a woman’s voice that is clear. “Why are you running Cuthumb Weasel?” I know this is messed up. It slows me down. I get hit by an arrow. (3 pts of stress), 2 to my armor. I blow the horn for the forth time. My armor is shot.
Brom and Nel are heading down. This is their element. Cuthumb can hear the goblins around him. He can still hear that large creature. Cuthumb hears Iron tusk and the horse. Cuthumb call’s out them, “There’s a horde behind me, they’re in my head!” Nel goes past him, Brom rides up and swings Cuthumb up on his horse. Nel sees them right on my tail. He sees one climbing up the trees and and two others approaching. They are equipped with weapons. Nel jousts with one of them. Iron tusks hits one of them. Nel spears the one through the face from the back side of his head. There’s a crack as a spear goes through the skull. Iron tusk ends up getting hit by an arrow (3 point hit). After that Nel and Iron Tusk and rides back to the ranch.

Bo’s in the barn and R. tells Mya there no time for that as she’s placing some spiked armor on them. Lissa goes to the barn to meet up with Maddie. Cuthumb and Brom go to the cabin to remove his arrow from his flesh.

Nel comes out and is going to flank ‘em. “Bo, blow the horn when they are hear!” Nel is planning to flank. Bo gets in the barn. He knocks Lissa over. There’s a bunch of stuff in the shed. Lissa says, “I coulda killed you right there!”, Bo says, “Yea, yea, let me help you up.” The boards of the loft are creeking where maddie is. Bo assumes she may be shooting at this point. Bo hears a small tree gets knocked down just out of sight. He looks out the door. A thing is holding a small tree and a rock in the different hands. Lissa is trying to get an arrow notched, “Not yet” Bo says to Lissa. Nel is coming around the building. He starts charging. Brom shots an arrow at the beast. Cuthumb runs to Mya to throw a javelin. Bo makes a roar at the beast to get it’s attention. The beast lets out a meaty grunt and throws a rock at Bo. It hits him, bounces off of him and through the barn. Cuthumb approaches and throws a javelin. Hit. Bo approaches him with a log and swings at the knee. Nel rides in from the back and Spear fighting is in his blood. He charges up and spears him through the back. Bo sees a spear come through the front of this beast! Brom gets an arrow ready with poison and shoots at this beast. Cuthumb gets behind the barn. Bo hits that knee and it twists the wrong direction. It’s like a bad sports video you can’t look away from. The thing falls. Bo graps the speartip and pulls the spear through the front. Lissa steps forward ans she stabs him. Bo contines to wail on the things face with his log. The thing lets out a big grunt. Nel is trying to catch the stragglers running off now. Nel rides down three more goblins.
Hill giant cliffton

Part of the barn collapses when they hear maddie yell out. Cuthumb is yelling “Don’t come back!” In the mean time Bo lifted the barn. Cuthumb pulled out Maddie. R. came out of the house a day late for the fight. Brom does some healing. We lay the injured back in the house.

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