Of Monsters and Men

Later at the ranch

Eric’s healing folks. It’s getting darker and later. So far it appears as if the goblins have left. The area seems secure.

David suggest starting a goblin bbq for the other other white meat. We burn them up. We fortify the ranch house. We take turns doing watches.

The next day we rise. It’s a clear day. Mr. Sine is sending one of his daughters with ‘cause he wants to know whats up. Jesse’s all about this. We get all set with our gear and we notice that Horus is not with us. It was discussed that he left after cuthumb after david but never was seen after. David, and Cuthumb ride out and look for him. David finds the scent and finds him 1/2 hour past where cuthumb was. Horus is there with his dog and three dead Goblins and opens with “About time you guys show up.” David lays into him about how he was needed at the ranch and he was an idiot with his new found leader ship.

We get back to the ranch and start to head out to the White oak Ruins. We are on our gaurd as we just got out of an encounter w/goblins. About 1/2 the day passes. We come down this valley and this is where that big battle was. On the eastern side is a bluff where a castle was built into the side. Part of the valley is now occupied by a village. It’s a small settlement. We don’t see any army out here. We enter the village to speak to some of the people. People look at us a little funny. Maddie leads us to this man at the wind/water mill. Cuthumb talks his way into the room. He has some tables he sits us at. He tells us they had an issue last night even. It doesn’t seem like there’s any army. This man tells us of a man with a cat who came through from the North to the ruins. We get some lunch and drink some ale. The innkeeper says the goblins see the ruins as a mystical place and leave it alone. he tells us how to get into the ruins. We decide to go into the ruins. It’s near noon in the spring time. We have a lot of daylight left. We get to the cliff-face. 20 feet of hard climbing then stairs into the castle. Bo sees this rope by climbing it. In no time he’s up. He turns to us and says “It’ll hold.” Cuthumb climbs up and it takes him a little bit longer but he gets there. Our stays behind and waits to tell us that he’s coming … never. Maddie also stays back. Eric is leading. Horus is behind him. Then Bo, and Cuthumb. Horus has a lantern lit. From Cuthumbs angle it appears as if Bo’s tattoo is lighting up. The walkway opens up into a big room. We can see very little of it.

There’s a fire in the and a haggered looking ranger named,Degaries sitting crossed legged we approch him. He looks like a scout. We exchange some words of what we’re looking for. We are looking for an army for the gobin variety, and he is chasing a ghost.

At the entrance, David and the boar are walking around the castle. Iron tusk tries to dig through some specific rubble. David just watches.

Back in the room Degarius says the lights didn’t lit up until our group arrived. … Weird He tells us of a name Lavein, a demon whose killed a number of folks. Sailors picked up a beatiful woman out on the sea. It ended with the people killing themselves. This man traced her down this way.

Degarius says theres an old anicent thing at the top of the bluff. he brings us to the top. Bo grabs two of the laterns and follows Degarius to the top of the bluff. There’s a collapsed room that has a sunlight. We see this huge oak tree.

David and the boar find this huge oak door after some more digging. Maddie tells david “Why don’t you help him, let him do all the work” David says “why dont you help him!?” It takes them a little while. Finally they have enought pulled out they get a door exposed. She crushed one of her fingers. Iron tusk is makeing a hole in the door. Iron tusk goes threough. David follows him into this big long room. it’s dark. It smells. It looks like a stable. It appears abandoned. The stables are lamon sized stables could fit war boars or war horses.

Meanwhile the other group is uptop of this bluff. This tree is supposed to be spiritual. Degarius came to this for some personal answers. He walks up to the tree. The cat is unusually shapped. The cat had bigger ears, with grey fur. It would be huge for a house cat. Bo walks up to the tree and he touches it. Then he places the other lantern down and touches it and hit tattoo lights up. Degarius jumps back and watches Bo’s tattoo.

Bo has a vision…

Eric is off exploring. There’s several spots where castle has opened up. He noticed something moving through the grass….The cat jumps up and sprints towards teh collapesd room. Lyssa starts running to the room.


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