Elves are tall humanoids of ethereal beauty. Immortal, or at least extremely long-lived, depending on your setting, they’re usually highly sophisticated and often naturally magical. They have no facial hair, and do not age; they may require little or no sleep, again depending on setting, instead passing time meditating upon the world and their gods.

Elves are rarely priests, but their natural magical abilities are often a form of religious reverence in themselves. Elven characters should take an elven aspect (see below).
An example setting-specific write-up of elves can be found in Chapter Twenty-Five: The Hither Kingdoms.
Typical Elven Occupations: Magic-user, Warrior, Noble
Typical Power Skills: Glamour, Life, Nature

Special Features

  • Depending on setting, elves may take power skills by virtue of their Elven aspect. The Hither Kingdoms setting, for example, allows elves free access to some magical powers, but not all.
  • Because elves are long-lived, they may sometimes begin with skill levels of Great (+4) or Superb (+5) or higher.
  • Elves may take stunts such as: Eagle Eyes, Enhanced Hearing, Fast, and Jump.

Elven Aspects

Elven aspects include the following:


The character seems like he doesn’t quite belong to this world.

  • Invoke: the character can resist emotional or mental attacks, distance himself from the current situation.
  • Compel: the character doesn’t know how to react in the current situation.


The character loves forests and trees – they’re part of his home.

  • Invoke: the character can take advantage of the forest environment in physical manoeuvres.
  • Compel: the character must protect threatened forests or trees.


The character is extremely long-lived, and tends to take the long view in comparison with his shorter-lived human comrades.

  • Invoke: the character recalls a personal experience relevant to the current situation.
  • Compel: the character’s uninterested in the minutiae of everyday life, and possibly slow to react.

Elves from the Hither Kingdoms have additional aspects
specific to that setting (see page 310).

Elven Stunts

Elves may select the following stunts:

Detect Secret Doors

You get a +2 bonus to find or notice secret doors, concealed panels, and the like.

Elf Sight

You can see in near total darkness and get a +1 bonus to vision-related skill checks.

Elven Lore

You’ve been around for a long time, and get a +1 bonus to knowledge skill checks involving really old stuff (legends, artifacts, history – maybe you were even there when it happened!).

Enemy of the Dark Lord

You’re a sworn enemy of goblinkind and the forces of evil. You get a +2 bonus to resist evil magical influences.


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