Power of Life

This power represents the powers of healing, the preserve of wise women, monks, nuns, and angelic beings and healing spirits. It may be White Magic, or associated with a temple of a healing deity. It heals both Physical and Composure stress and consequences.
Healing attempts can only be made on a given wound or consequence once; if it doesn’t succeed, no further attempts by the same power user have any effect, although another power user may try.


Minor Healing

You can use Life instead of Science to heal stress damage equal to the shifts generated (see page 107).

Relieve Pain

The target can temporarily ignore a consequence’s effects (ie it can’t be tagged) for a period on the Time Increments Table (see page 178) equal to the shifts generated (so 3 shifts would mean half a minute). Difficulty depends on consequence severity: see page 107.

Arrest Disease / Poison / Curse

You can delay the effects of a disease, poison, or curse on a target for a time on the Time Increments Table equal to the shifts generated. The difficulty is the potency, quality, or effect number of the disease, poison, or curse.


You can perform a manoeuvre placing temporary aspects such as “Healthy as a Horse”, or “Vigorous Constitution” on the target, or to counteract negative aspects relating to
poisoning, poor health, etc.

Protection from Decay

You can defend against diseases, poisons, or attacks by undead.


Major Healing (Life)

You can heal consequences; the difficulty depends on the consequence (see page 107). Success reduces the consequence healing time by 1 step; each point of spin reduces it by a further step. Unlike the Science skill, no components or healer’s kits are required.

Remove Curse (Life)

You can remove maledictions and curses; it doesn’t affect good or bad fortune bestowed by the Fate power skill. The difficulty is the original malediction or curse’s effect number; you may only make one attempt per malediction or curse.

Repel Evil / Undead (Life)

You gain -1 armour protection against evil or undead creature attacks.

Destroy Undead (Life)

You have a +2 bonus when using Life to attack undead or similar evil creatures; the attack does Physical stress damage.

Dispel Undead (Life)

Requires Destroy Undead
The stunt allows you to cause an automatic consequence on an undead or similar evil creature target.

Cure Disease / Poison (Life)

This stunt gives you a +2 bonus to cure a disease or negate poison effects. The difficulty is the disease skill level or poison potency. You may only make one cure attempt per disease or poison.

Regenerate (Life)

Requires Major Healing
This works like Major Healing, except you needn’t specify the target consequence in advance (ie you may make your roll, and select which consequence – and therefore difficulty – you’re targeting based on your effort). You must generate spin to have any effect: for each point, one consequence is regenerated one step faster on the Time Increments Table (page 178); leftover shifts can reduce this period further.

Restore Life (Life)

Requires Regenerate
This stunt can be used as long as the target’s body is intact, and costs a Fate point. If successful, the body is restored to life with 1 stress point and all consequences one level better than at time of death. The base difficulty is Legendary (+8), increasing by one for every step on the Time Increments Table the target has been dead: the resulting high difficulties mean the stunt is usually performed as a ritual or group working. A character restored to life will lose one skill point permanently from his skill point total for every time increment he’s been dead, with a minimum of one. For example, if the target has been dead a week, the difficulty is +21, and the character stands to lose 13 skill points! Only one attempt may be made on a single body; failure indicates the target’s spirit has passed beyond the walls of the world and is inaccessible. A power fumble indicates you raise an undead creature instead, trapping the victim’s soul in limbo and requiring a quest to free it.

Resurrect (Life)

Requires Restore Life and a story element / future aspect
You can restore a long-dead person to life; a little dust from the grave is sufficient material to work with. The dead person’s spirit must be located, possibly involving perilous voyages in the land of the dead – that’s the story element / future aspect part of the requirement. Once located, the spirit must be fought in a Composure conflict using this power skill; on a taken out result, it’s returned to life at full health. Characters brought to life gain a “resurrection aspect” such as “Returned from the Sombre Halls of Darkness, but I can never forget” – they’ve seen things beyond mortal ken, and it’s changed their world view forever. This stunt is often performed as a ritual or group working.

Power of Life

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