Power of Nature

You can control and move woodland and plants, and speak with tree and plant spirits. This includes causing plants and trees to attack foes, blocking movement using rapidly growing plants, warping and destroying wooden objects and structures, making flowers bloom out of season, and controlling or creating plant creatures. While it can cause seeds and plants to grow quickly, it can’t create plant life from nothing; many users carry a variety of seeds. The power also allows the caster to bestow aspects such as “Strong as an oak”, “Covered in leaves”, or “Only needs water and sunshine”.



You can create a block or barrier of tangled vines, brambles, and briar.


A knowledge skill allowing you to identify herbs and plants in the current zone and their properties, and to make assessments and declarations. It’s the same as the Science skill trapping of the same name.

Speak with Plants

You can communicate with plants. Information gained is strange and hard to understand from a sentient point of view, such as “Grazers came yesterday but did not feed”, “a creature like you breathed beneath my leaves last night”.

Plant Growth

You can cause vigorous plant growth in the current zone, a Mediocre (+0) difficulty manoeuvre unless resisted placing temporary aspects like “Tall grass”, “Choked with vines”, or “Hayfever” on the scene or target creature.

Control Plant

You can cause plants to move at roughly slow human speed. This can place manoeuvres or blocks, and even attack sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise immobilized targets.

Bless Livestock / Land / Plants

You can perform a manoeuvre placing a temporary aspect like “Fertile”, “Healthy”, “Straining with Fruit” on a location or group of livestock.


Draw Power (Nature)

For a Fate point, nearby livestock or plants or even the earth itself can take consequences for you. The shifts generated on a Mediocre (+0) difficulty roll indicate which consequence:

2 shifts Minor consequence
4 shifts Major consequence
6 shifts Severe consequence
8 shifts Extreme consequence

Merge with Plant (Nature)

You can “step inside” and merge with a plant of your scale or greater, either to hide, or animate it and use it to attack. If used to attack, you gain the plant’s scale, it provides a -1 armour bonus, and you use your Nature power skill as your attack skill (with branches, etc), and as the amount of stress you may suffer before being ejected from the plant (a Good (+3) Nature skill means you have 3 stress points). You may uproot the tree and move slowly while merged, but may not run. On a power fumble, you can’t return to your original form! See “When Transformations Go Wrong” on page 136 for more.

Plant Warrior (Nature)

A Lesser Summoning stunt (see “A Note on Summoning” on page 121), allowing you to summon or animate one or more scale 2 plant minions.

Summon Plant Spirit (Nature)

Requires Plant Warrior
A Greater Summoning stunt (see “A Note on Summoning” on page 121), allowing you to summon plant spirits such as dryads.

Fertility (Nature)

For a Fate point, you can make a livestock animal heavily pregnant or a plant bear fruit immediately, creating a temporary aspect. This can be used for food, and is often performed as a ritual or group working using the Area Effect stunt.

Power of Nature

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